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Have a song that can blow people’s mind?

Do you have a song that can blow people’s mind and make you the next sensation if paired with the right visuals? We offer you a free video shoot if you have a song that has the punch in it. We will shoot, edit, color grade and release your video without charging you a penny.


We want to make a difference in our community by supporting fellow artists with our creativity and resources. Under this program, we are committed to make 12 videos yearly in collaboration or at our expense.

To Whom?

  • Anybody who thinks got the talent, the right song, and doesn’t have the resources to make it big.
  • People who don’t want to engage in bonds or long term contracts.


  • Send us your song/music audio.
  • Our team reviews the song.
  • If your song is selected we shoot your music video for free in exchange of copyrights.

What we cover

  • Equipment (Camera, lights, and accessories)
  • Cinematography
  • Video Direction
  • Video Editing
  • Video Color grading

What we do not cover

  • Models and cast for the shoot
  • Commute, food & Accommodation
  • Any other special requirements
  • But for the right talent and exception

Why do we need the copyrights?

  • We work this way because it’s hassle-free for both the parties.
  • As you know there is so much time and effort involved to make a professional music video that sets         you apart from the competition so it’s a fair trade for our time, skill and efforts.
  • We want to continue this good deed and help other people just like you.

Either the song will be uploaded to our channel or we will sell it to a label. Although, we promise to provide songs, lyrics, music credits where they are due. Moreover, there will be a legal contract between both the parties.

Reach us via Call/Whatsapp on 4525610002
Or you can write to us using below form

I am a filmmaker with 5+ years of experience based in Copenhagen, Denmark. I tell stories by creating, editing, and color grading images. With this blog series, I wanna help my filmmaking community by sharing practical tips, advice, and experiences.